17 September 2014

Portrait sketch of Tony Abbott, PM, Australia

Here's my 2nd portrait sketch since my sketch of Starbuck more than 2 years ago.

And here's a timelapse of me drawing it.

01 May 2012

Another attempt at Starbuck.

I tried to quit my Monday night Oztag team. (I also play on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. It can get a bit much.) But the team wouldn't let me and they convinced me otherwise. However, we had a bye last night and so...Life drawing at the Arthouse Hotel, it was.

I also sketched another sketcher.

28 March 2012

Time flies

It's taken me a good year or so (Time Flies!) to get to 8 visits.

Two drawings from the night:

(Naughty corner)

(Giraffe lady)

04 July 2011

Rest from footy, Life Drawing at the Arthouse

I decided to rest my ankle from footy this week. (It's a little tender from last week's game.) So...I was able to draw (and drink) at the Arthouse Hotel.