28 July 2010

A difficult subject

(I find drawing women's faces difficult.)

The source photo of Kandyse McClure's Dee (from Battlestar Galactica) is here.

In the photo, Dee's head is tilted up from the camera and her face is highlighted from below. I found these along with her smooth skin and the shape of her nose difficult to draw/fake/sketch.

(Note that the images below were Desaturated then "Unsharped-masked" (whatever that actually means) in a photo manipulation application. I would rather post unprocessed images but my camera skills are poor. E.g. the first image in Attempt 2.)

Attempt 2:
The first and second images are the same work. I moved, reshaped and resized most (if not all) of the elements of Dee's face and head. I think the work-in-progress version is better than the final result. Reshaping the forehead, chin and jaw would have been sufficient. I should have left the eyes and mouth as they were.

Attempt 1:
The shape and angle of Dee's head is clearly wrong. The headset was a distraction. Also, as per usual, I worked on the eyes too heavily. Their bold lines take the viewers attention but they made the drawing too cartoon-like.

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