04 July 2011

Rest from footy, Life Drawing at the Arthouse

I decided to rest my ankle from footy this week. (It's a little tender from last week's game.) So...I was able to draw (and drink) at the Arthouse Hotel.

14 March 2011

Changing the subject

The team we were suppose to play against last night forfeited, hence I was able to attend a Life Drawing session at the Arthouse hotel.

I couldn't get into a rhythm. Was the model uninspiring? Possibly. Anyway, I'm not happy with any of the sketches.

This is a sketch of another sketcher from a few months ago. I post it here for no other reason except that the model they had last night was the same one they had back then.

08 March 2011

Life Drawing at the Arthouse Hotel

My Monday night game didn't start until late. So I was able to attend (for a short while) Life Drawing Sessions at the Arthouse pub.

As usual, it was busy and the only available seats were at back - far from the model. I decided to draw one of the other sketchers instead.

More 642 Things To Draw

Head above the clouds:

A tulip:

Fruit cocktail:

Luminescent plankton:

Burrito cat:


N.B. All sketches were copied from the internet via Google image search.

01 February 2011

Right Draw, Upside-down drawing

These are my sketch-copies of Pablo Picasso's Igor Stravinsky. The exercise was to copy Picasso's sketch upside-down. I've rotated my sketches right-side up here.

Picasso's original sketch can be viewed here.

30 January 2011

Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

Oztag competition finally started. And so with that, I'm going to miss Monday night Life Drawing sessions.

However, I started reading Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain. I can imagine that my next few posts will be exercises from that and from 642 Things to Draw.

These three drawings are from Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain's Pre-instruction exercise:


from memory

My hand